Graham Smallwood

Home Phone: 714-568-1170

Cell/Work Phone: 949-232-9623





Skill Summary:

iOS programmer with both game and productivity app experience. Proven skills in Designer support and debugging. Developed apps from conception to launch in the App Store. Agile method experience on teams from size two to ten.


Product History:

October 2013 – present

90 Day App Challenge


Pixagon – iPhone


Implemented word game from wireframes to app store, including special effects.  Used Core Data to track database of puzzles.  Added In App Purchasing for new puzzles and in-game hints.


Peruse – iPhone


Implemented news aggregator from wireframes to app store.  Wrote algorithm to find interesting stories based on reading history.  Used Core Data to track past read and favorite stories.  Was pulled from app store when it became too popular and client no longer wanted to pay for the news service.


January 2010 – October 2013

Zeek Interactive


Oculus – iPhone/iPad


Worked in team of two writing app to display JSON data. Integrated data feed with MapKit. Over ten screens of custom tables.


Edwards Life Sciences – iPhone/iPad


Wrote a series of three Enterprise apps, and then integrated them into one tabbed master app. Twenty XML feeds displayed across ten nested tabs. Responsible for everything on app from start to finish.


NFL GameCenter – iPhone/iPad


Generated play-by-play representation of xml game feed using Quartz Draw.  Created modular app shell to allow future additions still in use now.  Returned to the app for draft season and it worked for a quick turnaround.



June 2011 – May 2012

Solo Developer


Delve: The Dice Game – iPhone

Lead Programmer

Sole programmer on iPhone game port of a dice game. Solely responsible for every aspect of the production; wrote the engine, worked with original designer to rebalance the game, contracted and managed the art, recorded the sound.



February 2008 – April 2009:



iNuke (Shelved) – iPhone

Lead Programmer

Everything but app framework.  Worms-style terrain collision and deformation, tank logic, special weapons, level editor, shell and hud.


The Road (Shelved) – Web/Unity


Real-world car physics.  Modeling, parameterizing, and making editor tools.  MMO-style mission system for state lasting across zones and sessions.


June 2007 – Dec 2007:

Mumbo Jumbo


Shopping Spree (Canceled) – PC

Lead Programmer

Everything but 3D engine.  Collision system, level editor, design databases, unit AI, HUD, art pipeline, shell flow, wall crawling movement.


June 2005 – June 2007:

Turtle Rock Studios


Left 4 Dead – PC


Designed and wrote new in-game UI features and achievement system.  Implemented unit special powers.  Provided support to Art team.  Continual prototyping of new features.


Counter-Strike : Source – PC


Continual bug fixing support.  Deduced and removed exploits.  Converted old code to new radar system.  Improved bullet collision detection.  Continual prototyping of new features.


June 1999 – June 2005:

Electronic Arts


Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth II – PC

Senior Software Engineer I

Led charge to radically change department’s procedures: instituted peer review system and fought for rapid prototype structure.  Notable systems/units include the economy system, the Lurker, and the buildable castles.


Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth – PC

Senior Software Engineer I

Mentored three new Game Logic programmers: wrote task plans and provided system overviews.  Rewrote weapon code to be easily expandable.  Implemented Spells and Units.  Worked with Design to provide fast turnaround on map bugs.  Notable systems/units include the Balrog, Gandalf, and almost all the spells.


Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour – PC

Software Engineer III

Thrown on project to firefight in the second half.  Implemented units and game systems.  Led anti-desync crusade at end of project, managing four teams of three to reproduce and iterate with logging to eliminate all known desyncs.  Notable systems/units include the Battle Bus and the fact that mouse input doesn’t desync the game.


Command & Conquer: Generals – PC

Software Engineer II

Involved from start in designing core game systems.  Implemented units and systems.  Notably, the Rocket Buggy, the Economy system, the Docking system, and the Overlord tank.


Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge – PC

Software Engineer I

Continued design support and unit implementation on a skeleton team.  De facto lead of two-man department.  Notable units/systems include almost all of Yuri’s side.


Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 – PC

Software Engineer I

Led efforts to rapidly make prototypes on the inherited Tiberian Sun engine.  Solely responsible for Design support, with a full 20% of weekly schedule devoted to bug fixing and script support.  Notable units/structures include a system of partitioning airspace, the Aircraft Carrier, and Crazy Ivan.



MS in Computer Science, California State University, Long Beach (2012)

BS in Computer Science, Eastern Michigan University (1999)


Development Environment Familiarity:

iOS SDK, Interface Builder, MapKit, XCode, TestFlight, Git, Perforce,
MSDN, SVN, Unity, Source Engine (Valve)



C++, Objective C, Java, C#



  • Zero Hour: Action Values Integrity Award: For reliable adherence to deadlines and bug count goals.
  • BfME: Community Builder Award: For leading activities outside work to increase morale and integrate new employees on to team.